For those in Pursuit of Perfection.

People who use our products pursue perfection in their work.
They are meticulous about every detail because they are passionate about what they do.
For the sake of their dreams, they will overcome all challenges.

Norms is always in the pursuit of perfection.
Our craft is making film and photography equipment.
We manufacture grip equipment for the largest studios in Hollywood such as
Paramount, Universal, Manhattan Beach Studio, Cinelease, and many more.

The largest studios work with us because
We understand their need to pursue perfection.
Norms is constantly innovating and improving
to help them realize their vision.

Our craft is meant to help all those in pursuit of perfection.
This pursuit may seem futile to many, but it is our driving force.
The pursuit of perfection means we are always striving to refine our techniques.
We are always trying to reach further.
We are the spirit of progress.
We are Norms.