Jib YOke and Dan Stand

A Jib Operator’s Best Friend

Cradle Your Jib Arm

This stand gives you the ability to safely build your Jib Arm on location.

Lightweight & Sturdy

All Steel Single Riser Stand with 5/8″ Baby Pin and Equipped with Rocky mountain legs

Designed By and for Jib Operators

Dan Hagouel, an industry expert. Worked with us every step of the way.

Created out of necessity for jib ops and Jib Techs

The Perfect Solutions for Jib Operators

When you first arrive on set, what can you use to quickly assemble your jib arm safely?

How do you keep the Jib Arm off the ground?

Have you ever had to assemble the camera on a Jib while on uneven ground?

The Jib Yoke and Dan Stand

Your Portable and Secure Support System

The Jib Yoke is here to revolutionize your workflow. Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, the Jib Yoke provides a sturdy and reliable platform to build your Jib arm.

Yoke Fits The Triangle Jibs

  • Custom-designed to complement Jib Triangles, ensuring a proper fit
  • Made of heavy-duty 5/8″ Solid Steel to safely support higher payloads
  • Yoke equipped with a Baby Pin Receiver, which mean compatibilty with any Stand with a Baby Pin.

Dan Stand Comes Equipped with leveling leg

Say goodbye to the frustration of finding a stable surface for your jib arm, and bid farewell to environmental constraints. Our adjustable Riser, complemented by the Leveling leg, allows you to set up effortlessly on diverse terrains, from stairs to hills.

Sturdy and Secure Steel Body

The steel risers and legs on the Dan Stand, boasting a 40″ footprint, provide unparalleled durability and stability, ensuring you never have to worry about tipping over.

Unmatched Portability

The Dan Stand with Jib Yoke fits seamlessly into your Jimmy Jib Grey Tube, offering unparalleled convenience. Weighing about 13 lbs, it’s incredibly lightweight without compromising on strength or performance.

Dan Hagouel

Jib Op, Los Angeles

Dan Hagouel, a fellow Jib Op with over 25 years, grew tired of dealing with these issues and decided to find a better solution. He approached us back in 2013 with a challenge:

Create something portable and easy to set up in the field. Thus, the Jib Yoke was born.

But the Yoke alone wasn’t enough to do the job. Dan had tried using other stands, but none were the right height. Some were too bulky and heavy, while others were too small and flimsy. That’s when our team got to work, determined to create the perfect stand for Dan. 

We are proud to introduce you to Dan Stand!

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