The Alpha Dolly is our latest addition to the Norms Dolly Family. This mid-duty dolly has many new innovations compared the current Doorway Dolly. The all-carbon steel frame allows our engineers to make the dolly stronger yet lighter than of our competitors.

Front & Rear Steering

Designed so users can set up the push & pull bar in either the front or the rear for steering. The steering also turns both sets of wheels, allowing the Alpha Dolly to make sharper turns.

All Inclusive Storage

This industrial grade dolly is one of the most convenient to transport and ship. The side board and push bars can be stored underneath while the pull bar can be folded flat onto the surface board which cuts down space. With everything stored neatly together you'll never lose your accessories again.

Alpha Seat

The Alpha Seat has a Jr. Pin attachment which allows users to attach the cushion to any Jr. Receiver. From there the seat sits on a detachable extension arm that is also on a Jr. Pin. The Extension arm rests on a 1-Riser body to maximize the range of configurations.

Skate Wheel Compatible

The Alpha Dolly is compatible with our skate wheels, which was normally used on the Doorway Dolly, so users can have the dolly sit lower directly on the track vs on a carrier.



Alpha Seat