LMC, also known as, the Luminous Master Collection is an organization built on your needs. In the new era of

content creation the film industry has never been more competitive. If you don't have the best tools for the job

then someone else will. LMC gives those striving to share their vision and imagination with the rest of the world

the proper tools to do so. Whether you're an industry leader or just starting your first music video, LMC is there to

help and support you every step of the way.

Sign up today with them and get access to a wide range of power tools to get the job done on a simple mobile friendly platform



-The Best Rent Rates in the Industry-

-Finance Your Gear, Get What You Need Today & Not Pay a Cent for Up to 30 Days-

-Product and Service Support Like No Other from Industry Leaders-

-Amazing Web Tools to Help Your Sell Your Skills and Rent Your Gear-

Services Overview

LMC Guild Membership

Working with several industry leaders LMC is able to bring members access to a wide range of amazing new Services, Equipment, Exclusive Credit and Financing Deals.

LMC Bidding Booking System

Working with Rental house and film crews through out the country they are able to get you the best rates possible. During any season of the year.

LMC Community

Constantly trying to empower our community with tools like affiliate programs or booking services to help you sell your media skills or rent your gear. LMC is always looking to provide support to the community by bridging everyone together.

Become and member by clicking on the link below and allow yourself to transcend into a new era of film making and media creation.