Designed so they can be nailed down to wooden surfaces so your rigs aren’t limited to stands. They can be mounted to scaffolds, walls, sets, etc.

Mount any light, any where. If you can’t, then we have the adapter or pin for you to convert it over to Baby or Jr. pins and receivers. Check out Norms' legendary Pins.

Our Hangers are equipped with heavy duty cast iron clamps. Norms has various stirrups available for different length adjustments.

A convenient tool for when a lighting fixture needs to be placed off center to hide the stand behind a set wall or set up multiple lights on one stand.

Used to support backgrounds, lights and grip arms with the addition of Super Clamps, Hooks and Crossbars.

Norms' Mashed Potatoes Truss allows for compact storage. Truss can be torn down to Mashed Potatoes Pipe and Truss Segments and can be assembled how ever needed for diverse environments.

Norms' 1 1⁄2 Grid Clamp comes with Baby pin, Jr. pin, Baby receiver, Jr. receiver, Ear and side arms. Each clamp comes equipped with a tightening bolt to maximize security on various pipe sizes.