Designed so your film crew can rig film equipment to wooden surfaces so your gear aren’t limited to stands. Plates can be mounted to scaffolds, walls, sets, etc. anywhere a grip can imagine.

Mount any light, any where. Different sizes for all necessary adapters needed by Grips and Gaffers alike. We have the adapter or pin for you to convert it to Baby or Jr. pins and receivers. Check out Norms' legendary Pins.

Our Hangers are equipped with heavy duty cast iron clamps so Gaffers don't have to worry about rigging their brightest lights. Norms has various stirrups available for different length adjustments.

Similar to C-Clamps but with a wider bite, Furniture Clamps can be used by Gaffers and Grips to securly mount equipment in awkward places.

Used by Gaffers and Grips alike to rig up light and sound in awkward and unusual locations. A must have for any film crew or film production. Our C-Clamps come in a variety of sizes and attachments.

A Grip or Gaffers best friend. Cardellini Clamps are firm but gentle enough to hold up against glass and mirrors and are tough enough to mount lights to pipes and fixtures.

Specialty Clamps for your film crew. Such as Bead Board Holders and Nerd Clamps for those sporadic moments in your film productions. No film tools set is complete without these clamps

A convenient tool for when a Gaffer needs to mount a lighting fixture off center to hide the stand behind a set wall or set up multiple lights on a single stand. 

Used by grip crews to support backgrounds, lights and extension arms. With the addition of Super Clamps, Hooks and Crossbars, no job on set is too hard too tackle.

Norms' Truss Segments allows for compact storage. Film crews can now assemble Truss' and Grids how ever needed for diverse environments in any film production

Norms' 1 1⁄2" Pipe Clamps come with a single attachment such as a Baby Pin or Jr. Receiver. Each clamp comes equipped with a tightening bolt to maximize security on various pipe sizes so your film crew can rest easy on any shoot.

Not-your-normal gear that's used in rare but possibly important situations. Grips and Gaffers alike shouldn't go without these specialized film tools.