Type​: Light Diffusion
Nicknames​: Cinenet
Description​: Slightly diffuses and softens the light
Single Net ­ 1/2 stop
Double Net ­ Full stop
Triple Net ­ 1 1/2 stop



Type​: Light Diffusion

Description​: Ultra thin light diffusion material

Lavender ­ 1/3 stop



 Type​: Light Diffusion
Description​: Slightly diffuses direct light
Poly Silk ­ 1 1/2 stop
1/2Silk ­ 1 stop
1/4 silk ­ 1/2 stop
Black Poly Silk ­ 1 1/2 stop
Black 1/2 Silk ­ 1 stop
Black 1/4 silk ­ 1/2 stop

Sail Cloth

 Type​: Light Diffusion
Nickname: Grid Cloth
Description​: Diffuses and softens the light. Available in regular or silent.
Full Sail Cloth ­ 2 1/2 stop
1/2 Sail Cloth ­ 2 stop
1/4 Sail Cloth ­ 1/3 stop


Soft Frost

 Type​: Light Diffusion
Description​: This frosted vinyl product offers a unique scattering of light and allows more light to transmit, minimizing light loss.
Full Frost
1/2 Frost
Hi Lite


 Type​: Light Cutting
Description​: Flame retardant (FR) opaque masking fabric used to cut light.
Black Solid



Type​: Light Cutting
Description​: Flame retardant (FR) opaque masking fabric used to cut light and can withstand high temperatures.
Tan Rafasil
Black Rafasil


 Type​: Light Reflecting
Description​: Features tough, shiny, dual surface. It usually comes in bright white for brilliant reflective bouncing on one side and also available with a solid black on the reverse side.
Black and White Grifflon
White and White Grifflon


Claycoat Bounce

Type​: Light Reflecting & Cutting
Previously know as Ultrabounce
Description​: This highly versatile fabric is lightweight and waterproof. The white side provides a soft even bounce without any hot spots and the reverse matte black side can be used for negative fill or masking.

Lame Bounce

 Type​: Light Reflecting
Description​: Used to reflect light.
Silver Bounce
Gold Bounce
Checkerboard Bounce (Silver & Gold)



Type​: Back Drops
Nicknames: Green Screen, Blue Screen
Description​: Used as backgrounds for green or blue screens.
Digi Green
Digi Blue
Chromakee Green
Chromakee Blue


 Type​: Back Drops, Relecting & Defusion
Description​: It may be used both for bouncing, where it gives off a soft light without any hot spots, or as a very soft diffusion material. On some occasions Muslins can be used to reflect light as well.
Bleached Muslin
Unbleached Muslin
Day Blue: To replicate the bright blue sky
Day Grey: ​To replicate an overcast grey sky