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40″ C-Stand

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$ 258.21

40″ C-Stand with with dual sliding legs. This stand uses a 5/8 baby pin. Includes a Grip head and an extension arm.

Used to position light modifiers, such as silks, nets, or flags, in front of light sources and is able to articulate a light modifier without moving the stand itself.

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The 40″ C-Stand has 2 Risers with with dual sliding legs. This stand uses a 5/8 baby pin. Includes Grip head and extension arm.


WEIGHT: 16 lbs.



FOOTPRINT: Long Leg 18″ R

2 reviews for 40″ C-Stand

  1. Dwight Galbraith

    Great Stand, a lot better price than others and the handles feel so much better in your hands. The locking washer holds the first time and no need to over tighten. Just twist tight and good to go.

  2. Ronald D Lykins


    This is my first c-stand and I stumbled onto Norms via a YouTube video from “The Slanted Lens”
    Wow am I impressed with the quality of this product. Rock solid, easy to deploy and use. Did my first Corporate headshot job last week and used this stand for my key light with large modifier. Take down was easy and the way the legs fold up saves storage space. I’m so glad i spent a few extra $ to get Norms quality, I will own this the rest of my life and look forward to buying a second 40” and a 20” after that.

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