A Key Grip's best friend primarily used to position light modifiers such as silks, nets or flags in front of light sources. Most commonly used item in film and video production

The Combo Stands are the Industry work horse. Norms' Combo Stands are sturdy enough for Gaffers and Grips to mount 10Ks with no sway or bounce.

Put up by Best Boys and Grip Crews. Norms Overhead Stands are used to hold up large Overhead Frames for those big crew jobs in film production.

Light Stands are primarily used by gaffers for rigging medium to smaller lights. They come standard with the Baby Pin (5/8" pin) and the option of wheels to function anywhere your production takes you.

Beyond C-Stands, Overhead Stands, Combo and Light Stands, we produce versatile film equipment like a projecting arm stand and slider track stands for all that a key grip needs.

The Heart of all Grip Gear. The Grip Head is used for all stands and used for almost every situation that Grip Crews find themselves in. Norms Grip Head come built spring loaded for easy lock and release.

The Norms' Booms allow Boom Operators to rig a light fixture above the scene in film making to set the right ambiance. One of the most important film tools in a grip's arsenal.

Film crews use these for securing the bases of light stands and set walls during film production. Many have handles for hanging on hooks or risers.

When a stand in your film production just isn’t tall enough. These ingenious devices allows grips and gaffers to rig a lot higher without needing to switch out your stand.